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Astronomy Events at our Over-Night Observatory in Hartsel, Colorado.

2023 Season 
MID May - September 

Book one of our guided programs or come and GO SOLO!

For 30 years we've criss-crossed our way across North America exploring the Universe. The Observatory at South Park is our next adventure!!  


Join us for Our Inaugural Summer Season.

  • Spend the Night and observe the Wonders Of The Universe

  • View Jupiter's clouds and moons.

  • See Saturn's Rings

  • Explore Mountains & Craters on the Moon.

  • See Star Clusters and Double Stars

  • Observe the Orion Nebula  

  • Experience a Meteor Shower 


Dark Sky

Hartsel Colorado has a Super Dark Sky.

According to web site,

The Observatory @ South Park location is rated Dark Blue! That's the 3rd darkest on their scale with Gray & Black skies to the South & West. 



Our main Telescope this year is a custom built well-crafted 13-inch Dobsonian telescope. This scope created by Robert Teeter of Teeters Telescopes has a 13in primary mirror. Rob has over 200 Dobsonian telescopes in use worldwide ranging from 8 to 24 inches.


*Our actual overnight Observatory will begin construction this year!  Until then, camping is available after a Night of Observing. 

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